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Forever Paid Productions is a Brooklyn based Independent Music label created by CEO, Forever Flex Dred and Nut FPP in Coney Island Brooklyn, on May 1, 1993.  Forever Flex, and Nutt FPP from Sea Rise Apartments, aka BRize @ 3415 Neptune Avenue brought to fruition a label whose focus was all about producing real hip hop music not just for the hood, but for the world to enjoy.  We’re on the cutting edge of fashion, with FPP apparel sales and merchandising.


FPP puts out great Hip Hop, Drill, and R&B music.  Our artist roster includes Mizery, T-Bill$, Shotta G, ZZShaq, Tyga Woo, just to name a few. Over the years there some up and downs, but always maintained a strong presence in the game.

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